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The Decision to Follow Jesus

We want to equip you to lead your child through the most important decision of his or her life – salvation! It can be tempting to push a child towards this decision too quickly, so we’ve come up with a list of 5 questions to help you discern your child’s understanding of the Gospel and readiness to ask Jesus in to his or her heart.

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“We were very open with our communication to our three girls through their journey of accepting Jesus and what it means. The one that I remember the most is with our youngest daughter, age 6 1/2 (at the time of placing her faith in Jesus). Jordyn had been attending Kidspoint at Lifepoint Church for almost two years and had heard the stories of Jesus and what it meant to place your faith in him. It was/is a special partnership that we have with Lifepoint and the wonderful teachers. I still recall the many conversations we would have about asking Jesus in to our heart, what exactly that meant and what it saves us from. These conversations mostly happened on car rides when the two of us were alone and sometimes with Dad too. Jordyn came to us for many weeks leading up to her decision asking specific questions. It would be a question like, “Mom, why did God send Jesus to die for us?” (she already knew the answer, but wanted it confirmed) to “Mom, if we ask Jesus in to our heart and we do something bad later, will we still go to Heaven?” It wasn’t long before the day came when she walked in to my office at home one Sunday night (September 9, 2012) and said she wanted to ask Jesus in to her heart! I sat her on the desk in front of me and we prayed the sinner’s prayer together. It was one of the most special and important moments in my life as a Mother. Her father had the privilege and honor of baptizing her a few weeks later, at her request.

What I think most parents don’t know or realize is that these decisions by our children do not usually happen at church! We are the most important models of this in our homes every day and this example, with The Holy Spirit, is what moves and urges our children to take this step. It is a heavy weight and blessing to shoulder as parents, but it is a reminder to us that church is a partnership with our families, not the absolute. It is also very important for us not to push our children to make this decision; it has to come from their heart to the heart of God.”

– Eddie and Jennifer