+ Water Baptism

I Belong to Jesus!

As a new believer in Christ, your child should follow His example and obey His command to be baptized (Mark 1:9, Matthew 28:18-20). Discuss this with your child and encourage him or her to be baptized. In our baptism guide you will find some additional things to talk about with your child in order to give better understanding and preparation for baptism.

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“Our son, Joe, has forged a quiet and personal relationship with Christ. As an eighth grader, he has weathered middle school challenges with a strong Christian faith. He rarely spoke of his growing faith though occasionally he would ask deep, thought provoking questions that would illicit profound dinner conversations. 

Over the years, Joe had several opportunities to sign up for baptism. As his parents we wanted to encourage his decision and not pressure him. With each opportunity missed to profess his faith outwardly, as his mother I became concerned he was not making the connection that came so easily for his sister. My husband consistently reminded me to remain positive as Joe was going to make his decision in his own time.

Last year, my husband Rick was asked to assist with spontaneous baptisms one Sunday morning. Joe had assisted that morning, as he had numerous times before, with the set up of the baptism equipment. During service, Pastor Daniel extended the invitation for baptism and Joe accepted. Much to our surprise Joe got in line and was baptized by his father. It was truly an amazing experience to watch my husband baptize our son! The feeling was enhanced as Joe’s best friend Will was baptized simultaneously by his Dad! When we asked Joe what prompted his decision on that particularly Sunday, he responded, “It was just the right time for me.”

– Rick and Jane